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New & Wonderful Opportunities are Here for you!

It is the PAN-Tuitive Cooking Classes

As we welcome in the Fall and prep some fresh new foods for this season.

As the seasons progress, and changes in weather arrive, a fresh variety of Organic produce

will begin to arrive in the markets. The colors of fall, aromas of the new

earthy produce are like an aphrodisiac to my senses.

Well, maybe not exactly an aphrodisiac, but they do stimulate my creative juices

and give me another excuse to extend my food budget and gather at the island.

At this time, the Zoom Link brings us together where

everyone usually gathers anyway; the kitchen.

It is the beginning of cooler temperatures that bring a whole slew of seasonal goodies

to cook with, from crisp apples, juicy pears, wonderful root vegetables and hearty winter squashes.

Get READY! Here’s the September song


#22 - THURSDAY September 3rd at 11:00 am CST

It is Snacks are “Back to School Time”

Virtually or in your Hands - these foods work for all of us.


#23 – THURSDAY September 10th at 11:00 am CST

“Let’s ROAST an Herby Chicken and All the Trimmings “


#24 - SATURDAY September 19th at 3:00 pm CST

For a Gluten Free Treat: Sweet Potato Turkey Sandwich* – NO Bread

This one’s FUN and Creatively different for lunch or dinner



#25 – THURSDAY September 24th at 11:00 am CST

“Time to Get to the Root of Things – with Taste a-Peel…”

Winter Squashes - Soups & Stews to Warm your Heart



Your link for all the classes:

Password 886602

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and choose a Tier to join in the fun.



Gain the tools and Be Empowered to break through your fears. Dream it and you can achieve it in your Career and  Life!

Open your Heart and Mind  and change will be fun.



6-12 weeks, and ongoing, of transformative coaching based on your individual desires, needs and goals.

Individual coaching or group coaching for 2 to 5 people each week.



How you feel affects your daily function.  If you're healthy, your life flows with ease. If not, let’s talk.  The results of transformative coaching, empower you to live your exceptional life.

Live your Dream Life with Joy and Purpose

Coaching is available online and by phone

Hi, I am Ricki, Coach McHealthy, McKenna

Did you know that what is within you is far stronger than any conditions or situations you may face?

Are you ready to REALLY LIVE not just exist?

I am here to partner with you and empower you through evocative Life and Health coaching

based on what YOU WANT YOUR LIFE TO BE.


“I met Ricki McKenna and thought, What kind of people need a life coach, nutritionist, etc.? (Well,) turns out that person was me. After I broke my ankle, I began to reevaluate life in every aspect. I saw Ricki again and we explored where she could help me discover some answers. Through self-discovery, prioritizing goals, (we) worked through the Dream Builder Program. Ricki helped me to focus on some important life changes. It has helped me to become a more compassionate and positive person.”
   J.O.W. Houston, TX

“I am so pleased I was able to trust Ricki McKenna to be my health coach. After self-sabotaging myself for many years, I finally found the right person to help me.”
   M.L. Houston, TX

“Thank you, Ricki. The bloating I was experiencing has stopped. So have the digestive upsets. I can eat almost anything and enjoy going out again without suffering.”
   A.S. Conroe, TX

“I’m feeling less anxious about life in general, and the pain and aches of arthritis in my hands has diminished with the supplements you gave me as well. Thank you!
   C.W. Houston TX

“I began my focus on nutrition 3 years ago and I lost 25 lbs, which my friends even noticed. I stopped 2 medications and I‘m a healthier and happier woman today.”
   R.H. Houston, TX (93 years young)

“Thank you, I don’t have digestive problems or tummy pain, and am sleeping deeper and longer, great stuff”


Are you discontented with your present:





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