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PAN-Tuitive Cooking Classes for APRIL '21

Hello wonderful souls. 

It has been a full year of wondrous creativity and experimenting and I would

appreciate some feedback on what you’ve enjoyed and what you think could

be improved. Please feel free to email me at with your

comments and suggestions.  Thank you.


Here’s your Schedule for our APRIL 2021 classes. Let’s all be grateful for another year of the joys of cooking!

# 48  THURSDAY MARCH 25TH  at 11 AM


Versatile and Fun for the kids too


# 49  THURSDAY, APRIL 1st  at 11 AM

It's Dessert Time -- No Foolin'

My Favorite Really Easy Yogurt Desserts


#  50  THURSDAY, APRIL 8th at 11 AM





 If you’re “cooking for one”, these will give you some foods to freeze as well.


Thank you for your continued support on 


AND please contact me for more information about My Happiness Room, which is Chapter 23 in

The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care 25 Tools for Happiness”,

Available from me personally, or on Amazon’s best seller list for Self-Care!   See it below!! 

With Much Gratitude


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or click the link above on Thursdays at 11 AM Central time


CALL Ricki for more information, 970.618.7607

You Have the Power to Choose Your Lifestyle and Food by Design

Live Virtual Classes & Phone Coaching available

I'm Coach Ricki  - McHealthy, 

As a certified Nutritionist and Life/Health Coach with Choose Health, I guide you to clarify and make tough decisions with ease and support. 

And YES what you eat does make a difference!  It all works together for your benefit.

My Passion for more than 25 years, is empowering people to live their lives with good health and true wellness. Food matters!

Are you ready to really Live not just exist?

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Are you ready to Transform and live the life you were meant to?  Shift your perspectives to change your life and get the results you want. Coaching gets you there, join in the journey.



    6-12 week and ongoing Transformative Coaching based 

    on your individual desires, needs 

and goals.

Individual or Group coaching for

2 to 5 people each week plus bonus sessions.


  Join a MASTERMIND Class





How you feel affects your daily function.  When you're healthy, your life flows with ease. If not, let’s talk.  Transformative Health Coaching, empowers you to live a Healthy

and exceptional life.


“I am so pleased I was able to trust Ricki McKenna to be my health coach. After self-sabotaging myself for many years, I finally found the right person to help me.”
   M.L. Houston, TX

“I met Ricki McKenna and thought, What kind of people need a life coach, nutritionist, etc.? (Well,) turns out that person was me. After I broke my ankle, I began to reevaluate life in every aspect. I saw Ricki again and we explored where she could help me discover some answers. Through self-discovery, prioritizing goals, (we) worked through the Dream Builder Program. Ricki helped me to focus on some important life changes. It has helped me to become a more compassionate and positive person.”
   J.O.W. Houston, TX

“Thank you, Ricki. The bloating I was experiencing has stopped. So have the digestive upsets. I can eat almost anything and enjoy going out again without suffering.”
   A.S. Conroe, TX

“I’m feeling less anxious about life in general, and the pain and aches of arthritis in my hands has diminished with the supplements you gave me as well. Thank you!
   C.W. Houston TX

“I began my focus on nutrition 3 years ago and I lost 25 lbs, which my friends even noticed. I stopped 2 medications and I‘m a healthier and happier woman today.”
   R.H. Houston, TX (93 years young)

“Thank you, I don’t have digestive problems or tummy pain, and am sleeping deeper and longer, great stuff”



Chapter 23:

My Happy Room is my kitchen, What's yours?

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