About Coaching with McHealthy

It's about YOU and Your ability to live your life with passion, purpose and joy: You don't have to go it alone, You are my focus.


Through CHS Coaching I collaborate with you to DEFINE and CLARIFY your life's objectives.  We will DESIGN a specific program for your individual health and lifestyle needs and desires.


I am Ricki McKenna, a.k.a. Coach McHealthy 

Ready to help YOU Succeed!

As a holistic Certified Life / Health Coach, Author, Speaker, and Certified Nutritionist, I provide:

  • Health and wellness information based on validated testing

  • Food and supplement recommendations based on individual results 

  • Help you break through your blocks to reach your goals 

  • Weekly support and accountability sessions for your success

  • Tools and guidance to help you get what you want!

  • Individual and group sessions

  • In-person, home/office and on-line coaching 

  • A proven system of Brave Thinking to consciously achieve and stabilize your new results


With more than 25 years of experience in counseling and empowering people in Life and Health issues,

Coaching helps you know who you really are and that 

"what is Within You is far stronger than any condition or situation outside of you." 

Ricki is available In-Person and Online


For Women

Our divine feminine flexibility as women helps us feel our power and create what we truly want.  Using our Intuition, one of our six innate powers, we can change our thoughts and our lives.

Coaching gives you the conviction, tools and confidence to step into your power, take action and create your greatest life

For Men

Our divine masculine moves us to action along with our knowledge and tools. Those hidden thoughts of not being enough, or any other subconscious feelings are just 'circumstances.'


You are greater than any circumstance or situation. Coaching empowers you with tools for success, conditioning you to break through to realize your innermost dream.

For Couples

Life is relationships and Communication.  We learn from our family, friends, teachers, clergy, the writings we read, and voices we hear.  They subconsciously and directly influence us as children and adults, in business or personal life. It is your choice to use these relationships to improve or confuse your life.

Coaching gives you access to those special "languages" for success in each area of your relationships. It will change your communications and your life.

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