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Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Key 1 to remember: Aches and pains are not necessarily a part of aging. Wherever you are, MOVE your body.

Ah, Spring! It is around the proverbial corner. Even with the current state of the world, Spring will come shining in before we know it. As a health Coach and guide it is my purpose and passion to help clients feel better and stay stronger as they age. I have said it before and it bears repeating:

Key 1 to remember: Aches and pains are not necessarily a part of aging. Wherever you are, MOVE your body.

I recommend we all take our health into our own hands, which is where I think the responsibility belongs; for our food choices, exercise, environment and more. It can be fun and leads to feeling better about ourselves. Especially if we are ‘self-distancing’ for several weeks or more.

Aches and Pains Happen

I don’t deny that aches and pains happen, just promoting the idea of what we can do to prevent them from dominating our lives. Yes, wrinkles and gray hair are obvious signs of aging, and other areas of the body experience changes as well. Fortunately, there are steps we can take to help ourselves stay active and healthy as we move forward. Move is the key word.

Staying active may prevent or delay disease and disabilities. It is the use it or lose it theory, which actually is true. Exercise, eating right* and getting adequate sleep are super important as well.

Did you know that exercise does more than work your body? It is amazingly beneficial for the brain according to Drs. Mark Hyman MD, who has a series called “Broken Brain,” and David Perlmutter MD, noted researcher and neurologist who authored “Grain Brain.” Both good and important reads.

BTW, Exercise can be joining your friends and dancing the night away, walking your dog, riding your horse or bike, stationary or in a safe area around your home, climb your stairs (Up and Down) several times a day, playing tennis, pickleball, Zumba, and Silver Sneakers stuff! Chasing after your grandkids on the soccer field is another way to endear yourself to the little ones; they know Gramma or Gramps can keep up with them! Walk, walk, walk and stretch those arms and legs and drink water.

Key 2 to remember: Positive attitudes and expectations are good choices.

Although we are not what we were yesterday, or 20 years ago, let’s not play the comparison game.

Life takes us through stages and there are always choices.

Your thoughts are the primary creative forces in your life.

“Thoughts are causes and conditions are effects.”

As Henry Ford said, “if you think you can or think you can’t, you’re correct.” I know that is true when it comes to health and well-being.

If you are having difficulty sticking to a routine or regimen you may need a coach to help you maintain that momentum. My specialty is helping you realize, clarify, define, decide for and write your dream life. Then you can begin the steps toward living your dream life.

The rest is up to you! You have the power and the time is now. Spring into action and let’s get going!

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