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Boost Your Immune System Now

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

With this pandemic going on, here are a few things you can do right now to boost your immune system and protect yourself and your loved ones. Do see what the CDC and WHO are posting and keep informed about the testing.

Drink PLENTY of water at room temperature or hot. Heat alcohol and soap are detrimental to Virus.

Wash Your Hands

After washing your hands for the recommended 20 seconds while singing Happy Birthday twice, make sure you wipe down your counter tops and any surface where hands and grocery bags may have been. A good combination to use is Borax and Vinegar in warm water, and if you must use Clorox, please don’t breathe it into your lungs.

Another home remedy for hand sanitizing is to mix is rubbing alcohol (91%) and aloe – either juice, or open aloe leaves and scrape the gel into a bowl and mix with alcohol, 1 part aloe and 3 parts alcohol.

I recommend you get some SAMBUCOL, either the syrup or tablets or gummies. It is scientifically proven to fight the symptoms of the flu, colds and viruses, better than Tamiflu, without the side effects, and is ok for children! If the local stores, Walmart, HEB, Sprouts, Whole Foods, are out, ask when they will have more. It really cuts the duration of colds and flu effectively. Check on line and make sure it’s the original Sambucol, which is the one used in the scientific studies.

Drink PLENTY of water at room temperature or hot. Heat alcohol and soap are detrimental to Virus.

Yes, Increase your Vitamin C and D with K. A good probiotic is important for digestion and keeping your system moving properly. In the herbal family: Echinacea and an herbal throat spray are good ideas, and there are several other herbal formulas that are excellent for boosting your immune system and resisting the garbage that’s floats down the pike.

Believe there will be enough toilet paper and paper towels!

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