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Food and Mastermind connects us.

Ricki, Coach McHealthy, McKenna loves People and Food. Serving You with Food for Thought is her passion and pleasure. No more diets! Join her in one of the three Programs she offers for lasting health, living well and check the great nutritional products just below.  Call to request your Free Strategy Session, 970.618.7607.


Your Life requires the right foods; physical, mental and emotional meals that can make what you want happen.

No matter the circumstances; time, money, age, gender, experience, you have a purpose here and we will help you define, clarify and live it.

You either design it or live by default

the choice is yours!   


Going it alone is hard! You don't have to go it alone! 

Coaching empowers you to design, manifest and create the life that’s in harmony with your deepest desires and your soul’s purpose.   

                                   Together we make it easier for you and everyone participating. 

Get tools, ideas, direction, support and encouragement from your coach and fellow Masterminds.  Know that what is within you is far greater, smarter, and stronger than anything outside of you.  

It's all connected. 

What you feed your body and brain does matter; fuels your strength, energy, brain power and courage. We clarify your wants, provide tools for you, and your organization, to move forward with strength and conviction and reach your goals and objectives.   



the life you want and Coaching gets you there with clarity, confidence, support and accountability; all the tools you want and need to live it, easier than you can alone. 

The Power you need is

within You! Coaching sets you free to achieve it.

Together we will determine

your next steps.

Zeal Classic Wild Berry


Optimize and simplify your health with a simple source of nutrition and clean energy.

Follow these links to some very awesome and clean nutritional products. Of course, any questions are welcome.  Feel free to request a sample pack.

Additional Zurvita Products

Zeal 6-Pack

Zeal for Life can be a foundational support to good health, increased energy, focus and weight management. It contains a complete spectrum of nutrient-dense herbs and botanicals including stabilized Rice bran.

Transformation Kit

Zurvita Transformation System: Developed by a team of scientists and medical doctors, it includes Zeal, Protein, Cleanse & Burn to help you manage weight, increase energy, lose inches, reduce body fat, look & feel better.


1. Take FUE1 a fast-acting pre-workout gel pak that aids in increased energy and improves endurance and muscle performance.

2. Sip H2O before, after or during to boost hydration and performance through low-glycemic carbohydrates and electrolytes. Good for all ages. 3. Drink R3PAIR after your workout to reduce muscle soreness and inflammation, accelerate muscle recovery.




Gain the tools and Be Empowered to break through your fears. Dream it and you can achieve it in your Career Health and Life! Open your Heart and Mind  and change will be fun.




6-12 weeks, and ongoing, of transformative coaching based on your individual desires, needs and goals.

Individual coaching or group coaching for 2 to 5 people each week.




Fuel your energy and your daily function. When you're healthy, your life

flows with ease. If not, let’s talk. The results of transformative coaching,

and eating right empower you to live your exceptional life.

Together we will determine

your next steps.

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